I first started studying photography at the age of 15.  After a few years I thought I could never make a career of it and oddly enough became a pharmacist, but not before becoming a professional backpacker.   In more recent years it has become more and more apparent to me to spend my days doing that which I love and as such I have gone back to photography studies, studying at both RMIT and Photography Studies College.  

It is fair to say that now that I have my camera firmly placed back in my hand, my passion for photography has never been stronger.   These days I live with my incredibly supportive husband and 3 rat bag boys in Melbourne. 

Whether it is abroad or in my own back yard, I take great joy in in finding beauty in everyday life and capturing those moments, which make me smile.  

Sasha Robertson Prints is a place for me to share my joy of photography.  Each series presented has within it, carefully selected images, all of which resonate strongly with me.  I hope you too find some joy in these works.

Every image is available as a limited edition print, on the finest quality archival paper and framed in beautifully handcrafted frames.

Please take a look through my gallery and contact me for any purchase enquires.


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